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If you’re ever in Osaka, you definitely HAVE to try these 11 must-eats. What tops it all is that they are all under ¥1000!

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00:08 – Hanumaruken Ramen
Enjoy delicious ramen topped with tender slow cooked pork that melts in your mouth. Super yummy broth too!

00:15 – Creo-ru Takoyaki
Why get normal takoyaki when you can indulge in a bowl of poached egg takoyaki? Drenched with cheese and spring onions, this is the perfect takeaway snack while walking along Dotonbori!

00:23 – Niku Gekijou
This skirt steak rice bowl is bursting with flavour, with juicy grilled steak slices and lots of bean sprouts!

00:31 – Fukutaro Okonomiyaki
You gotta try Okonomiyaki when you’re in Osaka! We recommend the Seafood Okonomiyaki that’s cooked fresh off the grill.

00:42 – Beef Cutlet Takeru
It’s definitely more fun when you get to cook and personalise your own food! Here at Beef Cutlet Takeru, their crispy katsu beef bowls are super yummy. You get to cook the beef on a personalised mini grill however you want!

00:51 – Imai Honten Udon
The highlight of Imai Honten Udon is the tender beancurd skin that is boiled for hours in the udon bowls. The soup is also a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

01:00 – Uncle Rikuro’s
Have you watched videos of fluffy, jiggly Japanese cheesecakes all around the Internet? Uncle Rikuro’s cheesecake is a must-have when you’re in Osaka! We’re not kidding when we say it melts in your mouth.

01:13 – Kura Sushi
What’s a trip to Japan without eating conveyor belt sushi? ;-P
Serving fresh sushi, Kura Sushi also encourages customers to deposit used plates to get a shot at their gachapon machine! Fun!

01:26 – Ichiran Ramen
Super yummy and addictive, we looooove Ichiran’s Tonkotsu Ramen! You get a solo eating experience to wholeheartedly enjoy your hearty bowl of ramen.

01:38 – Ichimizen Tempura
Served with generous portions of crispy tempura that include fish, vegetables, shrimp and unagi!

01:46 – Melon Pan Ice Cream
Not to be missed, this Melon Pan store serves freshly-baked bread that is stuffed with a huge portion of ice cream. A yummy dessert that is both hot and cold!


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